Friday, December 10, 2010

A Brief Introduction to Bacon Coffee

Welcome! My name is Zach, and this is my new blog, Bacon Coffee. A name both odd and contrived, I know. There must be a thousand food blogs whose title is simply two foods smashed together, like one of my favorites, Vanilla Garlic. Which must beg the question, with so many food blogs out there, why should I start one, and why should you read it? To be quite frank, I don't have a niche yet, or an answer for that right now, other than food deserves all the blogs it can get. Also, I think I come from a unique perspective in the food-blog-o-sphere, in that I'm not a great cook or baker, or even taster. As I continue my journey in life I hope to grow wiser and more skillful, and hopefully share those tiny steps with you fine folks.

Why "Bacon Coffee"? That pretty much sums up my tastes. When a food is made well, it is really good - like real salt cured, and naturally smoked bacon, or a locally roasted coffee brewed to perfection. I love that. On the other hand, when food is processed, pumped with preservatives, mass produced, and given away a dime a dozen ... well ... I still end up loving it. Bacon and coffee from McDonald's or Wendy's is still better than none at all. Warning!: This blog does not condone the creation, or consumption of bacon flavored coffee, and will not be held responsible for over use, or abuse of either coffee or bacon.

By the way, I hope you're enjoying that photo of my spice rubbed, and seared roast beef tenderlion. I enjoy it sliced thick with hunger as the only garnish. Of course my philosophy on beef has changed much from when I was a child ... but that's another post.

All that having been said, I invite everyone to leave comments, let me know what sort of entries you'd like to see in a food blog, or what sort of questions you want answered, either about me as a food maker and eater, or about food itself. If I don't know the answer I will make it my purpose to figure it out and make the most entertaining and/or educational blog I can. So don't hold your breathe ... we're just getting started!

"Every time I think of you I know we have to [meat]
And I just can't get enough, I just can't get enough
It's getting hotter, it's a burning love
And I just can't seem to get enough of"
- Depeche Mode


  1. Aw, and I was going to hold you responsible for my use and abuse of coffee AND bacon... ;-)

    Looks to be an interesting blog. :-)

    And nice picture of the beef tenderloin; did you take it?

  2. I have an idea... Emil and Liz can watch football, you and I can cook - and you can blog about it!

    Let's plan it for the winter months... You come up with the menu - I will buy the food (since you're still unemployed...) and be your sous chef... You FB me that morning what want me to mise en place - and when you get home from church we'll cook - and you will blog! And then they'll make a movie about us! LOL

    Oh and BTW - where in the world did you get that beautifully marbled tenderloin?????